WE HAVE COLD AIR. and are getting close.

June 01, 2017

We have spent the last couple of weeks finishing up what feels like a multitude of projects.

After completing our sealing project on the exterior of the van, Dan tore apart cupboards and ran wires for the inverter (to be able to use our solar panels to charge devices off the grid), put the cupboards back together, built a new wood frame for the storage behind the spare tire, made a custom fridge vent to divert water, and put new wood support blocks under the fridge (previously weakened with water damage).

Last week we went up to Bellingham, where the work on his house is "almost finished." We spent a day doing yard work in preparation of it getting rented (it actually seems like it will be soon) and tearing off the wallpaper in an upstairs bedroom. We will need to go back up to paint:

Another key step we made was the installation of a new A/C unit! This was done on one of those hot days last week so once the cold air was a'blowin' we knew we had made the right decision in choosing a new A/C over a skylight.

Attaching interior A/C plate:


Obviously this took a lot more work but the pictures aren't that interesting.

Yesterday we began the process of sanitizing the water system (bleach/water mix flushes through and sits overnight):

Last night we took it out for a drive, in part to slosh around the sanitizing solution in the water tank, and when we returned from meandering around Maple Valley for 45 mins. I noticed the fridge vent was missing! So we took the truck out and re-traced our steps. Finding it on the side of the road in the last possible place was a highlight of our Wednesday. Glad to not have to spend $ on a new one:

This morning we are replacing the remaining clearance lights on the outside, finishing the water sanitizing, fixing a leak underneath the bathroom sink drain, and I think that is it.

We are actually getting so CLOSE to leaving, I'm actually letting myself get excited about it.